What is a Template?

A photo template is a multi-layered PSD file and a set of specifications on how layers should be arranged. Below you can see an exemplary diagram showing the structure of a simple template:

You can see examples of templates at funny.pho.to and in mobile apps made by Pho.to (Photo Lab for iOS, Photo Lab for Android). Templates allow users to edit their photos (let’s call them "user photos" or "photos" from now on) easily, in a single click or tap.

Apply templates to different photos (with faces a bit turned, different skin colors, different quality (e.g. overexposed or underexposed)), to see how multi-purposed your templates should be.

Templates can be very different: collages and photomontages of all kinds, simple and complicated frames, filters, textures, face in hole effects with automatic face recognition, etc. Learn more about template types below.

Template types


User photos are inserted into frame templates using the predetermined coordinates of the corner points of a quadrangular area:

Frame templates include:

Frame templates often have versions for inserting portrait, landscape or square photos.

Facial templates

A face from a user photo is inserted into a facial template using the coordinates of key facial points. Usually these are the pupils and mouth corners.

Examples of facial templates:

Sometimes templates may have several user photo regions for several photos (2, 3 and even more). Here are examples of templates that can house several user photos:

In some templates the number of user photo regions is more than the number of user photos uploaded into the template - in that case user photos will be duplicated: