Template Creator

Template Creator greatly facilitates the process of creating and testing templates, namely:

  • generates a PSD file with the necessary template structure;
  • adds filters to user photos;
  • makes it easy to test a template on a large number of photos simultaneously.

Download Template Creator (English version)
Download Template Creator (Russian version)

System Requirements:

  • Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 or newer
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer (only 64-bit versions); For Windows 7, Service Pack 1 and the update package Windows 6.1-KB976932 must be installed.

Template Creator interface

Template Creator main window:

Working with filters

To start working with filters, right-click the user photo region you want to add a filter to, then select "Edit Filters" in the context menu.

You’ll see the "Filter settings for User Photo Region" dialog. The left column shows the list of added filters, the right column displays settings for a selected filter.

Filters can be added or removed. You can also edit their settings and change their order, as well as copy and paste them.

To add filters, use the dual-function "Add" button. Left-click this button to add the "Adjustments" filter to a selected user photo region.

Right-click the same button to display a context menu with the list of filters that can be applied to a user photo region. Alternatively, this context menu can be displayed by left-clicking the small arrow button to the right of the “Add” button.

Clicking a filter from the context menu will add it to the list of filters applied to the current user photo region.

You can customize the settings of any filter. To do this, click on a filter in the left column and in the right column you’ll see its settings that can be edited.

While working with filters, you can change the order of their application (since the same set of filters applied in a different order will give a completely different result).

The arrows to the right of the list of added filters allow you to change the order of the filters. To move a filter up or down in the list, select it and use the corresponding arrow button. A single click on the arrow button shifts the filter one position up or down. The higher is the filter position in the list (and the lower sequence number it has), the earlier it is applied to the user photo region.

Checking the Template

  • Open the Photoshop document with your template.
  • Use the Start menu to launch the Template Creator. Create or open the project associated with the template using the File menu.
  • Press the "Reparse PSD" button. Wait for the Template Creator to load all the layers: graphic layers and user photo regions.
  • In the left column under the block of layers there is panel of properties. If you select one of the layers, its characteristics will be displayed in the panel. You can also add filters to user photo regions or edit these filters. For information on how to do that, see the “Working with filters” section.
  • Next, click one of the test images in the right part of the window (or add your own test images), click the "Process Selected" button and wait for the result to appear in the central block.
  • Alternatively, click the "Process All" button to process all added test photos. The processing time will be increased in this case. You can see the result of processing of individual photos by clicking on the corresponding test photo.
  • The "View result" and "View template layers and test photos" buttons allows you to switch between the result and the source files.
  • If the result is far from what you expected, go back to Photoshop and edit your PSD file, then check the results later.

Test Photos Restrictions

Here is basic information on test photos processing:

  • Photos are processed locally, saving much time.
  • Local processing allows you to test a template using the whitelist of photos only (specially selected images).
  • Some of the photos from the whitelist (30 portraits and 30 different photos) are installed together with the Template Creator. When you start the Template Creator, you can see only part of these photos. You can add the rest of the pictures manually, from the catalog located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\VicMan Software\PhotoTestTool2\TestPhotos\.
  • Photos from the whitelist can be moved, placed to different folders and renamed, but they cannot be resaved, converted or modified in any way. The Template Creator will not be able to work correctly with photos from the whitelist if they have been modified.
  • If you need to process a photo that is not in the whitelist, i.e. to make a preview of a template, it is advised to use server-side photo processing.