Versions history

Download latest Template Creator: download.


New in version 14.1.3

  1. A little fix to neurofilter skin enhancements feature.


New in version 14.1.2

  1. The dynamic mask by the sky was added.
  2. Skin enhancements functionality added for the neurofilters.


New in version 14.1.1

  1. The issue with the server processing of the projects with the subsizes was fixed.
  2. The 'Export as Zip' functionality was fixed for the templates with the subsizes.


New in version 14.1.0

  1. Dynamic position functionality. This feature allows to position the layer inside the bounding rect of dynamic mask.
  2. Stickers, positionaed be skeleton points. This allows to position stickers not only on the face, but also on any point on the body, based on the position of the main joints on the body.
  3. For the animated templates now it is possible to reparse only the frames delays, ignoring all other PSD content.
  4. 'Pencil Sketch' filter added.
  5. 'Chalk and Charcoal' filter added.
  6. Preview functionality in the face position editor was fixed.
  7. Other fixes and improvements.


New in version 14.0.0

  1. Support of 'head' dynamic mask added.
  2. The default installation path is now C:\\PhotoTestTool2\ due the worker limitations. Thus, the test photos are now stored in C:\\PhotoTestTool2\TestPhotos.
  3. More than 40 other fixes and improvements are made.


New in version 13.2.2:

  1. Fixed the issue with processing the templates with much different layers structure in different orientations.